Thursday, October 13, 2011


this is where we started down
here in the corner, ascend
mailing products, a penny shy,
cluster of dollars, yobc, you
still have a lot more to pay,
done but with errors, a cake
that talks, born a penny,
anti-detective, metaphysical
detective, foetus in foetu,
chetypal examples of
human, calcimine, kick the
penny, hopkins cood of
endorsed, emoing, zeroeth,
farkle twist, to waste or
not to waste, blank ink,
smecking, oranges are not
the only fruit, pondus
meum amor meus, pateras,
telepathine, hand-stamping
by a five-year-old,
encephalography, pissed
jeans, the toes and the froze,
the printer insists on
bleeding ink, why do you
insist on perpetuating errors,
i am you are, that’s the
way the letters skitter
down the page,

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