Sunday, October 23, 2011


the most beautiful no, prieteni
pe veci, associate for details,
succession jack, ox-buffle,
art canada cluster, striped aitch,
artist at work alone, painted the
year you were born, postal error
in your favour, longing for the
pre-digital, you could be flying
and flying, butter cluster,
chat toy ant, this keels man,
lollypop loser, estrogen skike,
next!, you are spilling a lot of
ink, electracy, a historical
consequence an effect, a tutor
text, synchromesh, secondary
orality, html res anchor,
macrobutton, loves being detained,
shup, local window, neelies,
art in motion, hecs, mounded
moss, the juices of organic
dissolution, bezier, the merry
scorer, oogles, trainsploitation,
flat-wheeler, repo this text,
use your home as an art gallery,
let’s hack this together,
aspiritage is, you need to hold
it a ways away from the eye,
you might think you’re
seeing texture, forkbomb,
all of the brain is virtual,

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