Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"hello aphasia"

twenty-five in one, you wouldn’t
know it but, you put these
scratches on the text, thot
nog, conchbelt, the one and
only poem, epistemophilia,
ur-chronotope, poetry bimbo,
comedy evolution of the
he-com, bromance, online law,
the anti-microsoft, delta
smelt, induced pluripotent
cells, boar taint, skatole,
androstenone, jimmy pennies,
torture poetry, medicine
square gardens, a dick head
hat, shift happens, social
error, sold at market,
some people just cannot
perceive, disunion of soul,
zong, alevi, grew some, leaps
out and grabs the eye, my
bio is none of your damn
business, hello aphasia,
i wrote this text from
the bottom up, google
and see,

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