Thursday, May 06, 2010

"viscosity breakdown"

make shine, separation crease, make a
movie of the deterioration, sepuration bed,
happens each time, big e, disappearing off
the edge, a high energy-construct,
rejectamenta, n-space m-space,
ubeity, the new postie, came &
suture, seignifyeur system, be
low debd, found poetry to be, &
it will resemble you!, ain’t got no
more paper, a precise imp, that
cuts out everybody but the diggers,
eff egg, stone heart, stammery
of the real, moved to droplets,
up a notch speed, invisible end
notes, scaling the mountain down,
the set is empty, fractal time,
alter your ego, a finite infinity,
the same as… itself!, viscosity
breakdown, the schizosphere,
a textual witness, marginal
glosses, make peace, pcoetry,
the daft is better, one for
two more oh!, illust, all ways,
stuff it in that hole, slip number,
gone june, cantdu, the radio
seeping in on the margin,
campers of america, delayed,
something without words on it,
beef or the original, margin of beauty,

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