Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MAR 24 2008, (pm) 4

1. the piece of paper has served its purpose
1. deesperate for commumication
1. why do you put your name in there?
1. note discoloration . note this colour coming up
1. and what about men?
1. removing the people from the transaction
1. bodacious
1. ain’t going to work for nothing
1. beauty is available
1. going forward to oblivion
1. the one you love is obscure
1. hurry before it is too late
1. a sudden burst of delight out of the misery
1. jockey the text into position
1. get rid of the lines
1. the last thing we wrote
1. starting off on the wrong foot (the shit stained one)
1. you misspelled lysergig
1. text going forward to make more text
1. might have to go to a larger format
1. this is different than the other
1. what are you trying to save?
1. prepared for loss?
1. seems to be saying something
1. eye file tower
1. copied just fine
1. you could suddenly start writing again
1. i remember saying
1. i can smell your shit
1. you are going to wind up
1. it’s fun to see what the copier makes of it
1. can we retire now?
1. it’s never too late for the moment
1. i can’t wait til youre gone
1. ugly chaos

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