Friday, May 14, 2010


sing what’s never bin sung, so many
words, glad when it’s gone, how
will we know we are going in the
right direction?, island molecules,
talking about one’s elf in the third
person, note bank, po’ reality,
help earn the centre, so they
buys, reading around, fee-free
freedom, ongoing dumping,
non-ambulatory, cybError,
cyberspacejunk, my peom,
pun overdose (ezra, designating
an event, your indoctrination,
her edit ate him, wake wacky,
five hundred years old, echo-mike,
beautys doom, mumber,
nember, in accord dance with
our costume, keep sake cool,
mist or, there’s no paper!,
utilize zed, imping he meant,
trance history, sin taxis,
ain’t no voice poem, what do
these numbers stand for?,
the mode-that-is-meant,
a challenge to thingification?,
against the self-present
subject, book missing,

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