Saturday, May 29, 2010

MAR 24 2008, 9 pm

1) you think you’re cracked?
1) #1, don’t call me mister, #2…
1) did your friend ever find you?
1) i suspect this little publication is still present
1) this is a bucket of delights
1) this one had quite the patina
1) woman with cast
1) upside down peace sign
1) the one who keeps cropping up
1) might mean more if you knew the language
1) judging by the folds
1) touch all you want you wont feel nothing
1) we must resume contact
1) no need to sell
1) every version
1) gar yar
1) yep, that’s how things flew back & forth
1) did you ever?
1) we had a hand in passing
1) copy epoch
1) no way to tell which way the chaos will flux next
1) it’s a little hard to make out
1) dali dada
1) butt sweet
1) none of it was real, was it?
1) was this going thru me?
1) zooping acrost the universe
1) explain why the copy is so bad
1) afraid to get back in the saddle?
1) the last one we never moved
1) keeping tabs on the microdevelopments
1) we are grinding this one down
1) me rest mention
1) huff chunks

anytime minutes
transmit ø
is this the one one
cut art to shreds
lips but not heaps
write it all
out in another hand?

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