Monday, May 10, 2010

circa MAR 24 2008

1. help yourself to the money
1. the burden of communication
1. bog snorkeling
1. the local and the dead
1. when everything is available / nothing is available
1. are you done with this text yet?
1. i was saying that back in ninety-nine
1. the subbok pinsky alphabet experiment
1. why don’t you quit reading this + go jerk off?
1. what better thing to do with paper?
1. put a mark on it but not too much of a mark
1. drop it into the open file
1. let’s let this one pass
1. the art of dropping paper
1. whoa! i wasn’t expecting the paper to jump like that!
1. you still had 2 mm clearance
1. perfect (no overspill)
1. no neet to fill ever mm of the “page”
1. coffeemania
1. cointribution
1. why don’t you write something really brave?
1. this dada is correct
1. tallulah..., tallulah..., ...
1. green regen
1. a gam is a leg
1. daybreak jailbreak
1. got group?
1. afford anarchy?
1. chartreuse de mergetroid
1. the world comes to you
1. enuf for rent?
1. ink leaks thru toner

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