Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"standard schafer"

gone over to the other side of the
paper, only because you know
what it says already, flak breaks,
if you catch them at the right moment,
weak moment or strong moment,
your gradification, coral & a verse,
mail one block, scratched into the
surface, a beautiful product,
oversays, hammer in, attention
turned up thru satellite dish,
not in any white cube, this tom(b)e
around, contex/nt, squashed paper
cube, where things come from,
dos house, an actual real object
out in the world, word particles,
over the ridge, the wait of the
book, this is the street, out in the
air, the process of interfering
with the process, where is the
mark?, standard schafer, blood &
dirt on the same paper, fuck a
canuck, bogus message, olympic
spending, humiliating cavity
activity, against questions,
nothing is connected (to every-
thing, what she managed to do
with it, marks for books, step it
up & go, dupe lex, comma cern,
how this might be sed,
drifting into the post zone,

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