Friday, May 28, 2010


the whole word, toner shift,
narrowing down, the start to
say, dereification, a bug
squished on it, v , renovel,
computers for the starving,
designated imp, the next best
thing, end of messages, enter
the game at a position, not
counting anymore, bitmap
tiff files, a linescreen on
everything (making it
illegible, when your mind
is awayk, reinscribing,
hypertopological, this phrase
releases a number of inter-pol-
-pell- -pretations, mixing of
genres, psy, gait pass, yeah
yeah, a never, the place
where the book is split,
set theory aside, generic
city, as opposed to means?,
takes the ink, particular
curve, invicta, twilight
statemeants, pay sage,
the reasons razed, the
point of futility, ataxia,

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