Monday, May 03, 2010

circa APR 06 2008

dated garbage
to see such trash up on the web
freedom we have the power to give
here is a sign meant for your eyes
they changed the penny to a canuck one
total owed
welcome aboard
we need to decontaminate the vessel
the totality principle
the minister of community spirit
pho minh chau
wild style printing
let’s see all these novels you’ve written
demand the details!
filter out the poetry
when’s the anarchy start?
maintaining your web presence
a matrix of existence
she’s worth two hundred dollars an hour
bananas, milk & butter mixed together
i think i’m going simple
the idiot proof is in the idiot pudding
post it up on the to do corner
leadbelly bong
paniculate clusters
antatime (lieasperml) obscurum
finishing analyzing
don’t even think about causing a ruckus
barcley parade

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