Monday, May 17, 2010

"the sensation of meaning"

a her, ting, and you all, battle over
birth, the/a her, to interpret before
hand, trial text, evolving
compositional or historical,
continuous manuscript, imp pen
i trouble, reverse your
decision, imp ear y’all,
neon caffeen, rue la day,
trance activity, do you like
this garden?, pickled capers,
needs work to set one in motion,
obviously complete completely
obvious, make sure your children
don’t wreck it, always already
a copy, it has the sensation of
meaning, micro echo, handle
chaos exclusively, nonlinear
poetry, emerge the heart of
chaos, a system with sensitive
dependence on initial conditions,
trance is son to turbulence,
damped driven, open the eye
& see, hmmmm!, till two thous
&, unfinishable, not exactly real,
lick the word, a null model,
egg, eye trys, returntable,
this is not the thing itself,
a swack of words!, wish
we were watching tee vee,

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