Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"disease the day"

thinning out, thickening in,
reproduction prohibited,
bloquiste foray, man of excess,
the counter-abyss, finish:
begin, degenre-ation,
disparagraph, text: to be
specified, counter-law, sight
again, re:clusion, death of the
sentence, open the floodgates,
more than pointing, igloos eh?,
disease the day,
desubjectification, a line of
flight!, microperceptions,
nag you all, read impossible
books, spatium, that’s all she
wrote, owl barn, germen
cosine, contemporaneousness,
dissemenation of the word,
flow conjunctions flow,
not really seen, while others
starve, touching my face, just
add water, text thru water
drop, huge alteration of
perception, dimensionality,

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