Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"piquage de courtepointe"

the hers, the glue on, ex-words,
sigh bearer, no klue, are you a
delicate?, get that beauty away
from me!, seep chequer (observe
well, miss spending, barcode
signifies you, has not been completely
or properly cleared, out ‘n about,
copy text, the editorial horizon
confronted, cheez-hiz & tabac,
books in the toilet!?, minimalize
advertising, general eclectic,
not just a poet, what does beauty
want from us?, the single word
torque, on the corn, need to know
all the names, if you fold it
right it will fly, art is tampering,
inkoperate yourself, numbers
are always in capitals, our
bulbous enthusiasm, grow
mow grow mow grow, this is
sound, spilled the spunk,
barbed wire roses, name means
knowledge, sees over the fence,
the big mail out net, in her
it dances & in me also, a rash
moment out gave, what might
have bin done with this paper,
blazing not be lazing around,

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