Thursday, May 13, 2010

MAR 21 2008, (am) #1

1) smear of shit
2) important document enclosed
3) without prejudice
4) google something besides you own name for a change
5) economic sex
6) zine name: Virus Mary
7) you don’t have to read this, you idiot
8) are you leaving the book?
9) you could be present elsewhere
10) kokomexico
11) druggage
12) they are not letting you thru
13) keep the channel open
14) say-it-alls
15) move where the rent is free
16) cool laser paper
17) eye can’t smell nothing
18) never entrust your work to them
19) one one one one one one
20) confusing flowers
21) out of context
22) do you see a letter?
23) i was going to say something, but.
24) don’t let yourself be confused by the words
25) lish
26) the response sets you free (to respond)
27) clicking into obscurity
28) will the copy do? or do you need the original?
29) we are trying to work this down into the corner
30) the bits that we left uptown

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