Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"not too readable"

be gun, the random flow of meat,
not associated, no-demand, weak
paper, quite seeing, THwarT,
slow-motion shattering explo-
sion, open mickey, the most advanct
frame, so fragile paper, non-erupt-
ive, the other kind of attention,
claims to jump, not represented,
bringing cash, tell her a lies a,
multilayered not mutilated,
so inside, too readable, black
or white, spatiality, a
custom of release, indebt
you, a twisted colourful
earfilling leaf, similar
things, in the vanes of kurtz,
actual dirt, a shatter gem
balance, the never sea,
the young cave leaf!, am
profit is, see pure, the
young nerves of the beauty,
zen food (fro, arts number,
a gorgeous skeleton,
determined to identify them,
(idem), fynbos, a constant
neck, press the cavern,
building communications,

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