Thursday, May 20, 2010

APR 06 2008, 4:00 pm

1) who takes the trouble to wrap the lid
1) i think it was a little paper hat
1) did i mention the fluff?
1) metadramas
1) pinky, the finger
1) high points indicated
1) self-generating website
1) the imprisoned writer
1) The Scarecrows
1) burning so bright, burning so bright, burning…
1) this one might be a clue to another
1) perhaps the penny is imploding
1) if only we would have got out and pushed
1) at least this one had the courtesy to deteriorate!
1) tassel-twirling fun
1) yes, this is an event
1) the immortal question: “who will chop your suey when…
1) the reason i give you more than one of a thing
1) pennies to produce
1) misfold dead
1) actual grass from the lawn
1) one prefers events from a distance
1) slapdance
1) any old junk you happen to see lying around
1) patina of 20 yr. old flyers
1) is this still up for grabs?
1) Betty Wilkinson
1) antique underground
1) children’s pencil crayons
1) shit helicopter
1) Eveline Ketterings “The Burning Bride”
1) kitch on 7th
1) where do you come up with this stuff?
1) if we could time (& space) travel

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