Sunday, May 30, 2010

"final full circle"

a third mode! freedom!
counting upwards, the whole
gap (page hole, copula in the
margin, the new expiry,
come from here, three blank
sheets: infinite potential,
mentioning words versus
actually using them, here say,
never got a kiss, take a
necessary chance, to cast
oneself on the water, yes™,
going to ground, put an
elaiosome on it, time to new,
blaze himself out,
power → triggering
hole → installation,
not even en, connext, → , sub-
jacent (sub-basement, jumped
forty stories & popped the
top of his head off & his brain
out onto the pavement (with
a bang!, makes eye think of,
some new stuff, the good
ole days when we could just
throw things away, eighteen
cents, gamble with your credit
card?, eminently unsaveable,
a hole binder full, final Ω,

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