Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Southbya" & another one

getting to the point of no
return, playing with the eye
dee a, dipping in and out of
english, on living leaves of
the book, the label, any eye
left, dustin’ off the old eye,
university of hiroshima,
a hundred thousand, rebound
(bound again, coal light,
sur(e I name encoded in,
boggy margin, unfix,
doling her eye, barely
elating, there’s always the
wall, south by a, truly
simimetrical, a thouroughly
magnifisent creature,
to lure together, upon the

symbolic exchange, a
perfect imp, histories
will exhibit a ceaseless,
the manic, underdetermined,
complex human event,
including social text,
self-generating feedback
mechanism, thick describing,

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