Wednesday, May 05, 2010

APR 2008

1) crude oil culture
1) it don’t matter what the address is
1) peacock magnet
1) tomber
1) cruxword
1) “got it, need it” checklist
1) actually sit down with a pen for an hour
1) what, you don’t like the way i say “canada”?
1) one of the author’s hands ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘
1) people who are not sensitive to colour
1) chance operations
1) you actually have to tick each minute off the clock
1) at least i’m not afraid to use my name
1) poem with masking tape
1) you’ve discovered the hidden meaning!
1) once the fire
1) lazy buddha
1) what can we do about art?
1) breathtaking colour
1) you are altering the art as we speak
1) look all you want, touch all you want
1) no, this is not a jigsaw puzzle
1) bold load
1) a picture is emerging
1) somewhere in along there
1) a little feast for your eye
1) these two pieces go together
1) it’s not going to suddenly make sense
1) we seem to have two different sets here
1) the chaos of all versus all
1) this a-seams to be a-part of this
1) the channeling conceivable
1) these two seem to be related
1) if you haven’t figured it out by when

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