Sunday, May 09, 2010

"pica pica"

pick a counterpoint, the hearse?,
the last word, bleeding glue,
the delicate delegate,
metawhore, eye halve a spelling
chequer, oh i’m guilty alright: just
not guilty of that, canning, let’s
see some eye dee!, including often
other ingredients, here comes a not-
her one, a cheap piracy, is this
an authorized version?, saint emma,
introduce a breeding pair of
magpies (pica pica risky
business, reverse your mental
map, moka only, language is
not (ain’t!) the ultimate reality!,
when we were on pine, seal
of appro(brium/priation, hemp cream,
a batch of references,
save the line, moneyed interests
of vancouver, penned a cost,
ask her, ibiding my time, the
king’s girls (nothing will
come of nothing, study the
rose, i saw you (again) in other
words, key stain, read anon
and on, the golden ear, over-
due it, window wind, honey
pales in comparison, all events in,

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