Thursday, May 27, 2010

MAR 29 2008, (am) #1

1) jissom
1) bat visiting flower
1) pai
1) acad emic
1) theer
1) are these things supposed to be liminal?
1) is this a visual reference to
1) what happens if there is no money in the account?
1) the months we were elsewhere
1) ate meant
1) thump print
1) last class national
1) the poem deterioration project
1) i never had sex the whole year i was 42
1) not that i didn’t think about it now and then
1) groundhog press
1) you can have my city
1) oath green press
1) know your losers
1) the only book of poetry in the prison library
1) not just any pete smith
1) generous with institutional money
1) print it out so you can read it
1) net exactly begging to be copied
1) how many taps on the shoulder does it take to get
your attention?
1) nothing but links
1) chuff lunks
1) one out of how many actually wishes replication?
1) networks we are destroying
1) i’m an art poet
1) is it getting’ anywhere?
1) one winner, six billion losers
1) make sure your name & address are in a solid font

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