Saturday, May 08, 2010

APR 07 2008, 9:00 (pm)

1) it wasn’t damaged before, but, it’s damaged now
1) any old piece of paper: a suitable substrate
1) creates a dependance
1) are these flies them?
1) taking the penny out of circulation
1) superpermanent
1) complainin’ the same complaint
1) the thing itself is slated for destruction
1) what time is it? whatever!
1) the “sing here” robberies
1) before the book reached its reader it was pulped
1) the day before the artist died, the artist died
1) signed by the dead
1) edge of what? swamp?
1) colluge
1) ark!
1) never affixt to nothing
1) always with an eye out for
1) date your business cards
1) the continuous marketing of the dead poet
1) if art had any sort of value
1) who was bomb shelter propaganda?
1) we note one has a tic
1) is there a “b” floating out there ahead of you?
1) is there anything special about this penny?
1) the eighties equivalent of e-mail
1) is there something wrong with my perception?
1) make a mockery of this
1) microfinger
1) howere
1) not exactly a submis
1) ust abt tin
1) before the book came out it was already pulped
1) eklektik

1) reopen all

1) why does it fall all?

1) chux

1) 1996-2008

1) still mar

1) Ross Priddle

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