Sunday, May 02, 2010

APR 06 2008 (am) #1

1) angda mgmt.
1) we’re getting some sort of break up on the line
1) oh five –ing
1) i tried to visit the site, but the whole site was gone
1) lord only knows what’s down underneath it all
1) this ain’t the shroud of turin
1) at least there is no question of layers
1) trying not to lose anything / we lost everything
1) we might as well start separating them now
1) the copy might be a tad “better”
1) at some point there would have been actual perforations
1) your “in house” printer
1) excavate the bottom images
1) a rubberstamp that says “Bootleg”
1) mailart winner!
1) the text is ripening
1) we might have to do a cross-section of the paper
1) what’s this? i never asked for any blank!
1) garate
1) probably not expecting a lot of mail
1) eye don’t see why you don’t consider white-out to be paint
1) catch and realize
1) don’t know why the lines all broke up like this
1) it got worse with each go ‘round
1) an original of a different order
1) it’s quite a journey up to the library
1) the original vagina
1) copy it upside down
1) we thot we demolished
1) the text is hanging on by the skin of its teeth
1) now, why this one should float in the opposite
direction is beyond me
1) dust on toner
1) the text riding from machine to machine

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