Monday, May 24, 2010

"anarchy is king!'

this is a free muse um, i knew
mon (fly!, white sugar space,
gapping, what margin?,
trance height, seamlessly
joined together, apostal,
qualm art, buy somelanguage,
removing the future,
human she’ld, an interior
person, beautiful lets her,
speculators, anarchy is
king!, she dug out the oh!,
paper fetch, imp tension,
date filled, can it!, a
conversion conversation,
where that word has gone,
the question of air, books &
other junk, my current
convections, gran dam,
binder to binder,
mossified, the whole
binder, always time to
renew, red dress your
since, pay him in b, tiny
eye, notes toward, reds
ilk (redress), ruled sheets,
still room, back to square one,

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