Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MAR 07 2008, 6:00 pm

1) network of bad apples
1) looks more like a seahorse than a dragon
1) eck/eck/licy/licy/sive
1) apparatus to protect the precious art
1) xcountry blvd.
1) websites have a tendency to crumble
1) i’d like to assemble a complete collection of unarmeds
1) it took 4 years to drain the first “refill”
1) the God of Infinity
1) now this name is more than just a name
1) is there any place you have not been publisht?
1) I don’t know anything of kissing
1) to see the buddha in a big mac
1) the apparatus is starting to show thru
1) is there anybody you haven’t publisht?
1) it seems simple enuf, but…?
1) distracted by the colour
1) modem knock
1) won1t
1) still great despite the typos!
1) i thot everyone hated that prick!
1) you call me imp i’ll call you…

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