Sunday, August 29, 2010


lovely opening, back on to rack,
equally degenerate, special degen-
eration event, eye there roar,
line by line (down from verse,
the study of the mind, formed very
swiftly, epistrata, parastrata,
catching your absolute genetic
drift, side-communication,
microphysics, a hypothetical
particle that travels faster than
light, interst(r)atic,

a gap, some air, are we just items,
income for the year, to call back
to mind, internal polylogue,
hyper-totalization, no italics,
to free from servitude, being able
to say anything, the absolute poem
, the highest knowledge, nothing-ing,
“equivocal, contradictory, hanging on”,
retraction, zen lenz, fur slide,
money-mouth, forgotten to renew,
website graffiti, has nothing
to do with me, basically just an
advertizing vehicule, ghost of
a spirit, in separable, making
it here, buzz thru it, an indi\-
/idual thing, notice the seconds pass,

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