Monday, August 16, 2010

words removed, position, double
point, what-ness?, see:

............where word breaks off
no thing may be, not perishing,
in the communal sense, tongues of
fire, speaking together, called
the almond (too), track all, schizo-
language, broke off (reading,
one text or another, replace the
base, appraxis: dee-day, imp
ending:, note sheet itself, im a
little s(c or k)eptical, temporary
location (where dirt comes from,
telecommunist from a telecapit-
alist, leaping out from page,
telejam, a woman’s the way:
awaiq! (lie-brary, an acid express
ion, see!, publisht, balami!, make
a word ones own (gala™ (west,
you alley cat you, subversive
purchase, graft on to, high price
of getting dry, a perfectly bomb-
able bridge, here it is in black &
white (here it is in colour), just
say no to explosive devices,
brow paper n, hurting to ask,

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