Friday, August 27, 2010

MAR 02 2008, 9:48 am

1) filter out the poetry
2) the crimp
3) you think you got problems, buddy?
4) dewy skin
5) any little paper
6) paper ring
7) still needs to be chopped up
9) there’s that penny again
10) there’s that beautiful face again
11) bārūkh habbā
12) Watershed Blue
13) the least you could do is title the thing
14) this is not me. this is another.
15) this is my post-situationist identity
16) the phrase that got picked was . . . !
17) i don’t think there’s room for another piece of paper in here!
18) bottom of the orange barrel
19) save that blank sheet!
20) categorizing the uncategorizable
21) at least it’s not written in green ink!
22) i’ve had “New Mother Nature” stuck in my head all day
23) some things aren’t so easily titled
24) i’m trying to draw a map of the art world
25) just use the first line as a title
26) or jump down to line 7
27) one does not mind remembering hell
28) well, where are we going to breathe now?
29) copy set go
30) now you’ve turned a perfectly good copy into an original!

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