Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"balked at the last one"

missed the beginning, all that
work, toughnecks of the avant
guard, how the numbers go again
, i don’t think it’s against the law,
later the same year::, forward
backwardness, in a sugar bush
(ecesis), the gilded beaver,
french submersion, to get to get
her, thot i was alone, reapproaching
, you can now renew, target maze
, graphic depiction (letting it
breath, head over head to head,
you forgot your toothbrush, oh my
eye is killing me, alternative
cranny, fewer bombs, perfect
half job, brave words, over
the manuscrypt, beneath the
original, bubble-burster,
needle need all, glue these
two together, now you’ve got
an extra one,

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