Thursday, August 19, 2010

FEB 27 2008, 8:30 pm (tea)

1) what were you doing on your last birthday?
1) this is not supposed to be fun
1) this is not ‘pose’ to be fun
1) using a styrofoam plate for a begging bowl
1) what about that bum you passed back there?
1) copy and mail (and hurry up it’s getting late)
1) sort of reddish-blue (& what does reddish-blue make?
1) the writer is working up a sweat
1) a pen worth refilling (?)
1) are we still rolling?
1) can you get white rubberstamp “ink”?
1) you get to know what sorts of papers will print nice &
1) kleenex, no! facial tissue, yes!
1) you need to wash the rubberstamp between colours
1) 833 g / (1 lb 13.4 oz) $1.70 (bananas)
1) as if tea were some sort of drug
1) nothing to do with toys
1) spot the art
1) a quarter of your income to taxes?
1) Joseph Buys Nothing!
1) i only work to deadline when i’m working for $
1) thou shalt not eat dirty candy
1) syn (“together”) & ekdochē (“interpretation”)
1) “lycopodioides” for “Barbilophozia”
1) “Barbilophozia” for “lycopodioides”

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