Monday, August 09, 2010

MAR 01 2008, (am) #2

1) God doesn’t give a fuck.
1) geve
1) the “error” is in the sign
1) high-tech dishrag
1) cluster of bills
1) the word “piquant” always reminds me of David Wisdom
1) walrus bucks
1) parable communications
1) it’s no coincidence that Canadian postage stamps
are printed by Canadian Bank Note
1) the flavour of the gum (on the back of the stamps)
1) no more slogging through the bog for you!
1) we need a spillover zone
1) add it up: five mil.!
1) save yourself a click or two (& i don’t mean
a kilometer or two!)
1) the environmental jetset
1) sometimes they ding ya, sometimes they don’t
1) Gekic
1) sopor
1) god, you can hardly find a blank bit of
paper anymore
1) Hi Temp Turner (sounds like the name of a jazz musician)
1) it’s just a slightly different machine i guess
1) no point trying to hide the poetry
1) mighty fine BLANK paper!
1) is could easily be made unblank!
1) canada, eh?
1) beach people should be shot
1) this is something very painful

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