Wednesday, August 04, 2010

read on CJSW Aug. 3, 2010 (Writer's Block Program)

referential treatment, leave the
gap, a crew, open front cover,
seconds before the disaster, lef,
media copies, when we were in
exile, still sending, blank paper
is worth more, cenotaph (say no
to firebombing, computer zigzag,
means crow, syntaxonomy,
deserves me right, lif, event
you all mist, old one toe,
picking up a book where you
left off years later, using
them as blood bags?, war caused
by capitalism, like a poet with
a sore throat, froat, spend our
way out of a depression, entirely
peasant country, is communism
a religion?, want to run things,
peacing it back together, a new
disaster, it is fixed!, in one
sense & out the other, not enuf
press, value-added ? paper
product, the real & the unreal
mixt together, gloss zine,
back to a (reopenure, setting
off caps (again & again & again,
still hopen, fess up!, makes
it impossible to recycle, earcrete,


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