Monday, August 23, 2010

FEB 18 2008, (am) (#1)

1) I really enjoy your “queries”
1) don’t mess with a ragin’ bull
1) envelope interior pattern project
1) you don’t wan’t [sic] to get your phone cut off, do you?
1) thirteen cents for “provincial network fee”?
1) “Fueled by Passion” (trademark)
1) it costs you nothing to respond
1) priority code: BUKY
1) Roger A. Crozier
1) what would you do if you had (ie. owed) $100,000?
1) Answer all the questions.
1) 10 months in the window
1) subrogation
1) very expensive clip art
1) dear current occupant,
1) occupying the current
1) 1000 minutes with South America
1) how do you go a whole month without making a single call?
1) open a hole and let them bleed you
1) hardly using any energy
1) just about spewed my coffee
1) just bring this bit of paper in
1) the only difference is in the size of the dots
1) seven cent phone call
1) shortly after I spoke to you I was taken into custody
1) nationwide talk
1) special message: none
1) looking into the fixed rate industry
1) well there’s crime & then there’s crime, right?
grime grime

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