Sunday, August 01, 2010


still no progress, stillness pro,
fillness, jam-packed, getting
used to getting used, the part of
it that is not material, more of the
diff, a whole book’s worth,
expunging the inbox, towers of
words, can’t accept the rewards,
i am doing nothing, becoming
older persons, no piece, a mere
assemblage, one becomes two (in
the mere roar (the me error,
angel makers, abstract machines,
overcoding, body without organs units
, asignifying, local vocal,
messification, deterritorialization,
see an opportunity: go, climbed
out of his crib, to mark again, tain,
gear heart, portable capitalist
machine, a persistent protoplasmic
alteration, a madness for trance
(for tracing, arriving from
outside (by chance, so it wood
seam, next to chutney, covers o,
long time coming (honey, fill in
the blank, wore out the mach
one, it takes, no t, reduced to
tearing the glassine window out
, & more, defiling system, zenos!,

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