Saturday, August 14, 2010

"market anarchy"

the size of the book, something on
the glass of the copier, stolen blank
space, media package, harmoney,
invisible knapsack system, sleep
pools, never nerve, he just threw
it in the garbage, ah magpies! (a
breeding pair!), falling in hate,
an erotic fascination with a vulva,
military art, pamphlet that changed
the world, power looms, a riot
in a café, frequent philosopher
card, shake off the robot,
cre(m)ation, emergency shelter,
all word, ver’ big, upper and
lower, upper and lower, can’t
remember what it said: comma
something (cern?, a special place
, against the central interests of
those in power, including the
window (& the frame, i under
stand, reasoned grassroots’
advocacy, it’s the means i object
to, when they say i, act now,
as a matter of fact i do have one
, becoming deed, coffee bar,
no questions asked, e.s.p.ecially
behind closed doors, e-day too,
from the bush, whore’s commerce each,

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