Monday, August 30, 2010

FEB 18 2008


1) that day we did something together, you & I.
2) all hood
3) is there an engine in there?
4) you in your “1st Goal” hat (chubby little hands)
5) typeR
6) focus on what is in focus
7) focus on what is in the background
8) think of it as a composition in blue
9) a wooden car (1917)
10) get into the dragster
11) a search engine with a blower on it
12) washed out chevrolet
13) there we are there: together: in the reflection.
14. 4.005 (
15. put your little “thank you” sign where it will be seen.
16. you might grow up to be a gangster, like yer dad
17. make a funny face for me
18. always with the little sneer
19. open your eyes! open your eyes!
21. Please Look / Don’t Touch
22. somebody else’s little boy (getting ready for war)
23. a slice of toast with chocolate “farkles” on it
24. check the negatives (see if any are missing (yes!)
25. print #4, #16

(from July 5/04) (approx.)

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