Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"that will chunk"

ð, a, tired of the different,
can still be made out, almost
oriental, forgo nothing, average
printing nineteen million, i don’t
get it, what kind of writing this
might be, before the origin,
hyperwriting, the outer limits
of the soul, schizosexuality,
flexible grain, xer(o)xes,
hyperinsomnia, end with a comma
, schizonomadic (schizo? no: mad
, between the lines of the mind,
the stone is rollin’, the trouble
with experiencing one sense as
another, lightstreams (dreams,
sheep look up blade run in diction-
ary, schizofreenogenesis, tuff
getting thhru, light cream,
potsherds gluen together, no
harmful fumes, propt, in town
here, trance end tribalism,
crax, minimal interest, at:

, e-mail your resume,
number ‘sixty-four, the odd pen,
break (flux or flex) before spinning,

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