Monday, August 02, 2010

MAR 02 2008, 3:41 (pm)

1) is this a poppy?
2) multiplicity for millions
3) isn’t “white out” like white paint?
4) is this text (from 2004) still available?
5) i don’t see how you can call it a poem when it has
no words
6) rainbow razor rainbow
7) i hope this is not real blood
8) i’m trying to work my way back into your good graces
9) i was on a 6 month “vacation” from the art world
10) wake up farther!
11) enuf with the psychocollages!
12) i like the originals more than the copies (sort of)
13) best not fool around with your veins, eh?
14) it looks quite real
15) failure to respond in a timely fashion
16) i tried to keep track of you for a while, but…
17) this is not green ink
18) art enuf
19) yedsfetersahr
20) apart of the artwork
21) you are gone (but?)
22) why the product is not as good as the advertising
23) synthetic paper
24) synthetic communication
25) i want to be at this very moment that i am at
26) nanofractals
27) a device you place in front of your eyes for amusement
28) are you still purveying?
29) not sure what you are indicating here
30) localizationism is wrong

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