Sunday, August 15, 2010

MAR 01 2008, (am) #3

1) you’ve got your mailman’s cell on speed dial
1) hello? depot 9?
1) concrete rubber
1) for instance: François Rabelais Gargantua (16th-cent.)
1) gargantuan debt
1) it’s because i haven’t been getting my mail!
1) this bread reminds me of you
1) spurious words
1) you can’t buy enlightenment, but...
1) takin’ it apart is makin’ it worse
1) the tiniest particle of garbage can be turned into art!
1) cLust!
1) desperately wanting mail
1) let’s take a gander at newfoundland
1) are you making your appointments?
1) it’s only a few thousand bucks, just forget about it
1) backwards conjectures
1) plus we plugged the jukebox
1) that’s what they call them here (“sticky buns”)
1) did you look at the price before you bought this cheese?!
1) live with all time out.
1) voltafaccia
1) the shit has been hitting the fan for 3 years now!
1) you wanna rock, bitch?
1) we are thru with the bits!
1) wait, here’s another microbit!

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