Friday, August 13, 2010

FEB 25 2008, 7:30 pm (on tea)

Med. Hat 2004
(Vanderhoof 2003)
(+ 1994, etc.)

1) my ears are still damaged from the last
time i went to the drag races!
2) go ahead and pop one of the bubbles
3) Ging Folders
4) Luke’s not here
5) Tara’s not here
6) Julie’s not here
7) it’s good to hear a smile in your voice
8) everybody loves _______
9) or better, (5-5)2, in which case they both burst out laughing or
10) X – social level -> X X s X
12) completes the course of heaven and earth
13) heaven and earth are in contact and combine
14) xerex , xerexerex
15) that was when i had pneumonia (that was the happiest
time of my life!)
16) maybe music would help
17) what day was it, do you think, that you went insane?
18) one of your little buddies when you were a kid
19) Nothing Reproduces Better!
20) print the poem over the barcode
21) zero tolerance for violence
22) okay, pretty boy, you asked for it!
23) those were the fuckin’ days, eh?

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