Saturday, August 28, 2010

FEB 23 2008

1) ye old standby technique, is that
1) all there is to probation? ,
1) cancer of the nervous system
1) I don’t know what it is, but I know what it’s gonna be!
1) we need to figure out where this map fits into
the larger map.
1) a month from now (now being: FEB 23 2008)
1) we are past the lowest point
1) waiting for the phone to ring
1) do you intend to cast your ballot?
1) if so, for whom?
1) pull my daisy, tip my cup, all my eggs are broken
1) do you know what to do with it? i know exactly
what to do with it.
1) the all important paperclip
1) Rousenberg’s Factum I and Factum II
1) my problem with the alphabet
1) if we could travel thru time & space at will
1) the first thing people want to do (to beauty)
is deface it.
1) i only read poetry by people i love
1) the ink i

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