Tuesday, August 03, 2010

"for ever freeing..."

the other machine, inkiness, my
favourite photocopier (out of order
, walk vo (vuh, introduction to the
bible by a non-believer, the time
being existing, armenian trance,
for ever freeing the whole of
society from exploitation & oppress-
sion, capitalist swindle, gypsy-
scholar, crypto-ethnicity, had it
all along without being aware,
signs of life? or a life of signs?
(the science of signs, wake me up
when we get there, legitimate
target?, rubbisheries! (zalls i
can say, the battle of hastings
(street), rainbow decal (sign?
, oh oh!, meaning as a means,
sign me up, response to affairs,
never came thru (true,
disconnecting the dots, eye
tell ya in (current see,
lone wolves ripping the flanks
out of, with their drills (girlls,
bank: melting, systematically
thru the library by call letter
(blue, just an el riff, circs,
circs, when the ink was really
flow(er)ing, empty box, pursue,

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