Tuesday, August 24, 2010


space can always be filled, thru
paper, living in ditches, over &
over the same sections of earth,
revoking closure, inform all,
move to the desert, re-entry
point, humane (executing a
condemned, trippy, committed
to a historical explanation (
completely flat, makebelieve
poetry, a plurality of copies,
trance valuation, the power
of the sign?, people who are
sick of good writing, eye reps,
not being ahead of yourself in
the world at all, (all hyphenated
together if you will, eproxy,
just nice paper, fax art,
medecine juice, should be eye,
exit looping west, catalogued
over one thou(‘s and, strange
post-age, keeping them in the
slush, all (a)sides, not the
community corner!, we are
the media (i am the medium
, paper-metal-paper, number of
slips, que see, red square,
heavy water fall,
multiple choice pro, depends,

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