Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"knurlings" & "delevitate"

a marginal communication
system, tachism, vtre, enemy
green, snowdrop big dipper, cymru,
isbeckistan, the decision to start,
chronic composition syndrome,
colour is not enough, attention:
this is a work of art, delayed
for compliance with aviation
security regulations, knurlings,
wow that crazy montreal comix
work, matter patter, how do you
write, the best art you., ducky
doolittle, collect all the
silk, i pick you up where i,

primary documents, the only thing
you have to worry about is this
moment right now, what you need
in the middle of the night, hot
chocolate enema, on the rocks
like a lighthouse, with the
simple addition of a bit of
poetry, there’s not much point
trying to write on the wax,
the black photograph, delevitates,
ajanan, unpalatable line of type,
panatomic-x film reversal
process, contact girl, a cancer
type girl, smith street chronicles,

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