Saturday, July 16, 2011

"copy that" & "isometrics"

sunflower not yet weary of time,
collection of toilets, copy that,
glorious moment in time, copy that,
a photograph of a piece of
writing, petals so thick, focus
on what is in focus, time takes
it all away, you in your bucket,
three or four years old
watching winnie the pooh, time
brings it all to you, the toys
without the child, automotive
cornucopia, once more in focus,
mere cars, the hand of the child,
copy that, actually painting,

vanderhood, peeing into the void,
looking for someone to work with,
a different figueiredo, stare
at the same text in a new way,
did you really do this one
step at a time, who is morning
glory, new stuff to fondle,
hatless death, clave sand,
thrip, clanker hat, tube moss,
nape cluster, pissing on paper,
isometrics, long node, them
quarters work pretty good
actually, how’s your health,

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