Tuesday, July 05, 2011

"hider guy"

no master, on the lip, objects in mirror,
(keep) fire away, the hole book, artists
are bled here, what is camp, a life
must be beyond this hard area,
perpetual return, saving your say,
uncamp, travel banned, all adin, a lad
din, writ large, up-here-ances, publink,
hider guy, form letters, go to your
station, table something, the was
wratten, chased with coca-cola,
maybe there’s a new world, goa
or my con crete, lowest common
demon, thru the next minute,
furthest thing from vacant, try to
stay, current studies, conflicting
signals, a less son, textualization,
be: you can be, all in the juxt,
eternal victory?, suddenly
underweigh, o zen, eye zohar,
way under, know you’re giants,
three french animal crackers,
snap judge, king the day, the
robot wave, allreading in books,
came unstuck, phraseometry,
read red, underfoot passengers
, did you get thru? (didja?,
light travels, travailing,
fielding, daying, ray at see,

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