Friday, July 15, 2011

"technological trance"

digitize dogma boundaries, overlay
appropriate, shading indicates
new language, thoughts on the
details, data readiness, the structure
of the conference, is any
customization required?, time
spent gearing up, front-end is to
be, require viewing tool, still
require spatial update, complex
analysis such as segmentation,
provides connection filters,
legend in support of theme
creation, clip area of interest,
buffer, spatial overlay, data
set as read-only, thematic display
/filtering, an overview, data
acquisition, inter-project
communication, colour-themed
maps, partially-contributing,
operability lines, viewing software,
deliverables, streamline phase
one, at a data assembly plant, the
technological trance for of tools,
amid the midden heap, hard
where up grades into down, the
net downs were approached,
gigs of free space on the
hard drive, in-house training
versus out-house training,

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