Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"scripsit" & "cheminements"

seen the worm transformed into
a butterfly, who’s shooting at
who, all your golden moments,
where the hell did that poster
go, frozen joy, where’s my blue
lamp, the misery it takes to
win, save fifteen cents,
reprint and enlarge, the last
moment of happiness, not really
set up for photocopy, sooner
or later what you are saying
will be heard, scripsit ross
priddle, purgatory power,
anti-i, this poem includes beer,

begin with the lid, wrote poetry
for too long, image magi, all you
did was photocopy it, funny
if it was all revealed, the
only thing that changes is your
age, ex-squeeze-eet, she don’t
need it because she is dead,
what does it mean to love if you
love everyone, when you were a
kid, greenward, clubstyle
violence, interestologist, one of
a thing is okay, quit replicating
please, miss ruby read,
cheminements, quit complainin’,
last we heard, site-specific lit,

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