Monday, July 11, 2011

"storm the be still"

the mad king’s wife, the ten is co
ort oh th’, notes for tomorrow: there
is no tomorrow, more time has passed
than has not passed, we should be
moving, moratorium on more time,
sleep without name, cavant gourd,
vacantations, the walkers, reading
the writing on the wall in the
laundromat, need a good talking,
a ticket to explode, ain’t iago,
huge sumps of money, monet talks,
eye open a page, send money or
drugs to, storm the be still,
fun to raise, the personal
discomfort level, musk ox air,
(oaks), reached by water, kiosk
and pumps, back bay noon, let
us speak out, is that braille?
(aint, be’d on it, worry hard
enouf, sedans passing, dinner
loot, chatter village, two hour
internet tour, traum of concise
ness, a dangerous word,

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WEE-HOO said...

twittered and google+ed. Thanks for the title.